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Why do we recommend the consumption of Liver Aid - Liver protection complex?

  • Special new formula, high dose of active ingredients

  • It can contribute to the cleansing of the liver

  • It contains a very effective version of immune boosters

  • Contains 250 mg of milk thistle extract

  • It contains a total of 8 natural extracts, each of which is known for its excellent effect

It is the main supporter of liver cleansing

Liver Aid - Liver Protector is a combination of 8 vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, which individually play an important role in protecting the liver, binding harmful substances and cleansing the body. In particular, increased liver load is recommended in the evening, for example with an improper diet and a lifestyle involving alcohol consumption.

Well, in such a combination!

Adequate, combined intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements contributes to the functioning of the immune system.

The Liver Aid - Liver protection complex contains a combination of milk thistle extract, rosemary extract, artichoke extract, organic Chlorella algae powder, vitamin C, choline, inositol and piperine.

Milk thistle extract
The active substance silymarin found in Mary's thorn can contribute to the health of the liver and bile, it plays an important role in binding harmful substances, and the normal regeneration of liver tissues and cells.

Artichoke extract
Artichoke extract helps bile production and is rich in cynarin, which increases excretion. It also contributes to digestion and the proper functioning of the intestines. Artichoke extract is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamin B1, protein, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. In medicine, it is often used as an aphrodisiac, diuretic, and breath freshener.

Rosemary extract
Rosemary extract is rich in flavonoids and promotes better blood circulation. It can be an excellent help against constipation, abdominal cramps and digestive complaints. Rosemary extract stimulates the digestion of fats in the bile, due to its diuretic effect, it can make the detoxification of the liver even more effective and contribute to the absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

Organic Chlorella Algae Powder
According to the US Department of Agriculture's nutrient database, spirulina contains the highest amount of valuable nutrients needed by the human body, as well as extremely high antioxidant, vitamin and trace element content.

Chlorella is known all over the world for its wonderful detoxifying and immune system boosting properties.*

Vitamin C
Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Choline, formerly known as vitamin B8, is necessary for the proper functioning of the liver and brain, ensures the health of the nervous system and muscles, and contributes to the maintenance of normal metabolism.

Inositol, formerly known as vitamin B9, is a lipotropic substance that helps prevent the abnormal deposition of fatty acids in the liver, thereby protecting the body from diseases caused by fatty liver.

Piperine, i.e. black pepper extract, helps better absorption of nutrients, stimulates the functioning of the entire intestinal tract, and can clean and improve the intestinal flora.



60 capsules / 30 servings.


Dosage recommendation:

2 pieces of Liver Aid - Liver protection complex swallowed with plenty of liquid per day


Active ingredients in the daily recommended dose (2 capsules):

Name Quantity *NRV

Milk thistle extract 


- of silymarin

Vitamin-C 80mg 100%

Rosemary extract 


Artichoke extract 


Organic Chlorella algae powder

Choline 82mg  
Inositol 25mg  
Piperine 5mg  

*: NRV daily intake reference value for adults


Quality: Liver Aid - Liver protection complex formula and all other Marathontime products are made from safe ingredients.


Warning: The product does not replace a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle.


* Claims not scientifically proven by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and not verified by the European Commission (EC).


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