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14.000 Ft felett a kiszállítás INGYENES!
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Shipping and Shipment Cost

Currently, the ordered parcel is being shipped in cooperation with GLS Courier Service. Personal hand-over is not available due to the lack of appropriate site.

Payment of the ordered products is possible by means of prepayment or cash-on-delivery.

The courier service takes the already prepared parcels every day. No personal hand-over is possible in the webshop. When providing the Client’s data, such a delivery address shall be provided, where on the provided shipment date (1 or 2 days from accepting the order) daytime, between 8:00am and 4:00pm, the parcels may be received! It is important to provide such a phone number too, where the colleagues of either our company or the courier service cay contact You during business hours to manage any potential difficulties arising regarding the parcel.  

Orders received or accepted on the specific business day until 2pm are prepared and handed-over by our colleagues to the Courier Service.
There is no shipment on holidays and weekends!

If the Client or the provided addressee is not at home for any reason in the time of shipment, the courier service makes arrangements with him/her on the provided phone number in regards the repeated shipment of the parcel.
IMPORTANT! The courier service attempts the shipment twice, then it returns the parcel to the consigner. If the parcel is can not be delivered for the second time, then we may reimburse the cost of the second shipment by prepayment.

Condition of Free of Charge Shipment

If the order value reaches or exceeds 14,000 HUF, then the shipment is free of charge.

In other cases, the shipment cost is € 15 + VAT.

The shipment cost, within the framework of definite or indefinite discounts, or when meeting other conditions, may be more beneficial compared to the above, or might be completely free of charge. You may read more in our article on Shipment Terms regarding our actual discounts regarding shipment.

Shipment Deadlines

We reserve stocks of the products. In average cases, the ordered product may be shipped within 1 business day. If it is not possible, then our colleague informs You in e-mail or by phone, which product You have to wait for. In this case, it is possible to: - miss the specific product from the order, and send the parcel without this product; or You may choose another similar (substitute) product. We guarantee, that we prefer your interests in all cases.

Orders are manages quickly and precisely. In some cases, due to reasons beyond our control (eg. the Client does not provide us a phone number, and fails to reply multiple e-mails), we are unable to process the order as soon as required. We manage all such cases, when the order was not fulfilled due to our or our suppliers’ failure, with full flexibility or apply money back guarantee.


If You choose this payment method when placing your order, then we send You or bank account number in the beginning of our order confirmation e-mail, where the order value shall be sent to. Please enter your order No. into the transfer’s note section, as well as your name, to make us easily identify your payment when receiving the transfer.

When receiving your transfer, we prepare your parcel for shipment.

Cash on Delivery

If You choose this payment method when placing your order, then You have to pay for the parcel on delivery to the courier, in cash.