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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement (the "Declaration") is made by Healthtech, the visitors, registered users and subscribers to the www.marathontime.com website (together with its sub-pages: the Website), Hungary Ltd. (registered address:3023 Petőfibánya, hrsz. 365/39; tax number 23171909-2-13, email: hello@marathontime.hu) hereinafter referred to as "Data Controller" refers to the registration and management of the data provided to it.

Privacy Policy Number: NAIH-74791/2014

Your personal information is always voluntary and Healthtech Hungary Ltd. may use it only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement and applicable data protection laws.

You can view the Healthtech Hungary Ltd. website without disclosing your personal information, however, there are some services (home delivery) that require certain details to be provided. Required fields are always marked with a red star.

The provision of the User's personal information is optional, but may be a condition for registration on the Website. By voluntarily providing such data to the Data Controller, you agree to be bound by this Statement and expressly consent to the storage, analysis, linking and use of your personal data by you for marketing purposes.

Data received from the User online may be combined with data publicly available and provided to Healthtech Hungary Ltd. on other occasions, such as registration, customer service call.

Healthtech Hungary Kft. Provides you with the opportunity to modify your personal data in case of changes or to request their deletion without justification. You can do this via hello@marathontime.hu or by using the link in the newsletters.

In the case of orders placed through the Website, Healthtech Hungary Kft. Is entitled to share the personal data provided with its Affiliates in order to provide maximum service to the User. In this case, Healthtech Hungary Ltd. expects its Partners to use this personal information solely for the purpose.

The Healthtech Hungary Ltd. web site may contain links to other sites for the purpose of informing Users extensively. Healthtech Hungary Ltd. strives to only link to sites that comply with its quality requirements and are committed to the protection of their privacy. However, Healthtech Hungary Kft. Is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites.

During registration, the User may request Data Controller information about his or her Internet usage or content related to the Website. This information is optional and is not a prerequisite for registration. If provided voluntarily by the User, the Data will be used by the Data Controller in anonymous form for statistical purposes only. Data that you provide when contacting Customer Support will be retained by the Data Controller for up to 90 days after the request is closed.

We handle your data in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Information of Public Interest.

User Contributions

• By using this Website, you consent to the Data Controller reading the content and texts constituting the intellectual property of Healthtech Hungary Ltd., solely for personal purposes, to obtain information.

• The copyright owner, Healthtech Hungary Kft., Does not consent to the commercial use of the contents, texts, materials published on the website. Furthermore, you do not consent to their transfer, receipt, reproduction, distribution, public performance, transcription or any other use of the content, unaltered or in much the same or otherwise, for which you do not expressly acknowledge the copyright of the operator. By accepting and acknowledging these terms and conditions, the user is also subject to the Hungarian copyright laws and the jurisdiction of the Hungarian court of the company operating the website.

Penalty for unauthorized use

• Use, transfer, transcription, reproduction, distribution, public presentation, transcription, abbreviation, any use of the contents of the Website for any unauthorized and revenue-generating purposes is prohibited without prior written permission. Subject to prior written permission, use must include the name of the author and the source (s) of the website. Only the part authorized by the operator (author) may be used, in full compliance with the terms and conditions of the written permission and the form and scope specified therein.

• Use of the material and content on the Website without the written permission of any third party (person), whether in written, print or electronic form, shall be subject to the payment of a penalty in case of verifiable use of the content or substantive use. The amount of the penalty is HUF 50,000 + VAT, ie fifty thousand HUF + VAT per day. In the case of detected unauthorized content, we use notarial content certification for the purpose of proving it, the cost of which is borne by the unauthorized user. By accepting the Content, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Penalty Agreement.