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Black tea with spicy ginger

Black tea

Black tea is the most popular tea in the West. Many believe this is due to the bold flavor and long shelf life of black teas. Black tea consumption is less common in the East. There are many types of black tea available. Now commercially available black teas are blends of black teas of various origins. Popular black tea blends include English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, and Afternoon Tea. In addition, many favorite black tea blends are flavored with fruits, flowers, and spices.


Cinnamon is a spice made from the bark of certain tree species from the Cinnamomum plant genus, which is made from the peeled bark of tree branches. The Romans used it primarily as a medicine, to "restore the balance of the soul".


Common ginger is a plant species, spice and medicinal herb belonging to the ginger family. The root stock of the plant provides the peculiarly fragrant, pungent, bitter flavored spice. The root of ginger is traditionally attributed medicinal effects, the scientific evidence in this regard is summarized in the monograph of the European Medicines Agency.


Its bitter, slightly burning, strongly aromatic taste is given by the many essential oils. A high-quality clove releases oil when pressed, and sinks upside down when placed in water. Combined with cinnamon, it is used to flavor various drinks. The fragrant oil pressed from its buds, stems, leaves and seeds is used in medicine.


It is one of the most widespread and popular spices. It also contains fatty oil and protein. The active ingredient of the strongly spicy flavored seed is the carvon in its essential oil. Its essential oil also contains cuminaldehyde.

It can be flavored according to individual taste, but it has a pleasant taste on its own. It can be drunk both cold and warm.


130 g

Dosage recommendation:

boil 3.5g of tea with 250ml of hot water, let it stand for 3-4 minutes.


black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cumin.

Allergen information:

Made in a facility that processes milk, eggs, soy and peanut.


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