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About us

About us


The Marathontime brand offers not only protein powder drinks but also other sport drink powders, wide range of vitamins and other mineral based food supplements. The whey protein based products are created for the premium segment. We know and keep the basic rule: to produce high quality products requires top quality ingredients and strict production process. We buy the whey protein concentrate from the biggest, premium WPC supplier of Western Europe and the origin of all of the other ingredients or our sport drink powders are also from Europe without any exception.

Our MARATHONTIME products are currently sold in Europe mainly.

Marathontime Vitamins and food supplements

Healthy lifestyle becomes more and more important, and people start to recognize that balanced diet and regular sport help to keep healthy. More and more people are interested in how to maintain health and prevent diseases.
Several food supplement company are focusing on professional athletes, but just very few of them take care about people who just love moving, do some sport as a hobby and just want to live an active life. Marathontime's goal is to supply high quality food supplements for this group. Anybody, who is doing some kind of sports, needs vitamins and minerals according to the type of movement and intensity while professional athletes prefer „efficiency enhancers”.

The products of Marathontime Premium Line have an optimal component of vitamins and minerals for active people who want to be fit.